Senor Designer by Leorbardo Gonzalez, anyone who attempts to pronounce my name is a warrior in my book. Born Sept 28, 1989, in Mexico City, raised in Fredericksburg, Virginia, bred in Grapevine Texas, and now living in Roanoke, Texas.

When it comes to figuring things out I am best hands-on. I used to take toys apart just to see what made them work and see if I can boost up performance.

With no help and no experience over 90% of the time I was left with more parts than I originally started with. Now, thanks to the internet and a whole bunch of way smarter people up at Adobe I am able to integrate is programs and more with Web Analytics to create high converting digital marketing campaigns.

When you know who you are designing for your conversion will increase and that is a guarantee.

This didn’t all happen overnight.

2009 Start of My Design Career

Can you believe I didn’t own a laptop till 2009?

The company assigned me at the time a Dell laptop but I can’t remember the model.

My career in design started with turning USMLE power-point slides into proper classroom textbook design.

The cost to print two power point slides front and back was costing $180,000 a year in print cost.

Using design I was able to bring down the print cost to $90,000. This is when I realized the value of approaching a problem through design.

2011 Big Data

Here comes the BOOM!

Making a switch isn’t always easy or optional so it’s up to you to make it happen.

While I love design there is only so far you can go with only print design skills. I noticed a big boom in photography, motion animation, social media graphics, and Ads that would grab my attention. Through data mining, I was able to create better landing page experiences for online visitors, and set-up re-targeting Ads. The data lets me know who I’m designing for, where they are, and what landing pages are not working for you. Google Analytics and other tracking pixels are essential to tracking results for my clients.

2012 The Start of Nexus Watchers

I finally did it.

I learned how to use Adobe Creative Suite just enough to be bad at it but that’s ok we all have to start somewhere.

Once I recognize a pattern I knew I had something I could succeed at.

Merging data with design is my niche.

2019 The Great Pandemic – Current

Holly cow!

Sprinkle a deadly pathogen in the air and boom everyone needs a website.

Work has been non-stop coming in after the pandemic hit. Businesses have had to make the switch to digital whether they wanted to or not but luckily for me, I have been working from home since 2017 giving me a little advantage.

Companies these days want employees who can do the job of 10 people or more and there a some that are willing to pay ridicule salaries for these individuals. Being able to plan, research and create your own digital marketing campaigns all under one roof is my specialty. Being the Creative Director/Owner of the company is more normal than you think. It’s a new digital world and we all have to stay ready.

Feel free to email me any questions you may have on how your business can use data and design to increase conversions that matter to you.

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