Full disclosure, do not expect to see changes within a day, but as you do this on a regular basis for several weeks, you will see an increase in the insights portion of your Google My Business. 

I dvon’t want to overload you with information. 

My goal is to provide you with something you can take action with right away on your own.

Your Business Address Matters

If Google has your business address listed a specific way and your website has a different version from what Google has, then Google hesitates to rank you because it’s not sure if that is the correct address for that particular business. 

Here is an example of a local Grapevine, Texas Chiropractic Clinic: Moulton Chiropractic

Google has Moulton Chiropractic address listed as the following: 1450 Hughes Rd #250, Grapevine, TX 76051

Quick Fix

Go to all the networks your business is listed on and make sure the address matches the address that Google has for your Google My Business page. 

You will soon start to win bonus points with the algorithm because you are making it work less.

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If you guys found this helpful feel free to comment on what else you are curious about when it comes to online marketing. 

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