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Who’s stealing your business name online?

Take a peek at your competitor’s Ads, Keywords, and more! You can also find out if your competition is bidding on your domain name.

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DFW Medical Spa is a recent online audit I did and what stood out the most was when the owner couldn’t believe someone was bidding on “dfw medical spa” because as she stated “I own it, it’s my business,”

In all fairness, I don’t blame her. Digital Marketing is at an all-time high.

Since going on lockdown the number of online businesses has increased dramatically.

However, not all these new online businesses have the power of a full-stack team, marketing team, creative team, and digital marketing team.

A lot has been set up by the owners themselves using a widely available website building platform (Wix, WordPress, Clickfunnels, Shopify, Squarespace, and a bunch more.)

Building a website in 2020 has become a commodity because of all these great building platforms.

In my opinion, it’s all about the content you provide.

Back to the story.

I had to explain to her that even though her business name is DFW Medical Spa that doesn’t mean someone can’t bid on the keyword “dfw medical spa”

The story takes a turn when I find out her business name is DFW Medical Spa but her active domain

I was lost for the first 10 minutes of the audit because there was no consistent branding but that’s for another day’s topic.

If you have a local business and you are not biding on your own keywords chances are someone else is. Unless end-user types in your domain name directly chances are they will type it into Google or other search sites and whoever is bidding on such keywords will pop-up first via an Ad which can lead end-users away from your site even if they tried to search for you first.

Take a look at the sample below;

I typed in “dfw medical spa” into Googles search bar and right away we see five results two of which are Ads in desktop mode. If we did the search on mobile you would only see the first two Ads first and that is bad news for DFW Medical Spa.

One Ad has the headline Dallas Medical Spa which can lead users away from DFW Medical Spa because at the begging of their search end-users don’t know any better, the names seem similar enough to get a click.

The second Ad has a Black Friday deal and if you are an end-user looking to book right away that may seem more appealing.

There is no doubt that DFW Medical Spa is losing some of its website traffic because it’s not bidding on the keyword “dfw medical spa.”

If DFW Medical Spa was bidding on its own keywords it would be the very first Ad end-users see and with the right offer it would generate new leads to it’s website. 

SEM RUSH does come at a cost but I’ll leave that up to your own research.

The next best thing with a free version would be Ubersuggest by the Man the Legend Neil Patel

Now, go find out who’s stealing your business name online 🤣